Johnson & Johnson Case Study


Johnson & Johnson tasked Clickboost with getting employees of New York City's largest non-profit organizations to attend a free event.

The goal of the event was to raise awareness of Johnson & Johnson's public health crowdfunding platform, CaringCrowd.


Designing a Landing Page

To maximize event attendance, Clickboost first focused on the event landing page.

Using Splash, we designed an understated sign-up page that concisely highlighted the event's benefits:

  • Organized by a global conglomerate
  • Non-profit employees would learn to leverage crowdfunding
  • Free to attend, and there would be free food and drinks

See the final version of the landing page below.


Finding Employee Emails

The next step was to gather email addresses of employees of New York City's largest non-profits, so that we could send them event invitations.

To gather emails, we first needed to find an online directory of non-profits.

Enter Charity Navigator, a directory with data of over 1,000 New York City non-profits.

Here's how we turned Charity Navigator's database into emails:

  1. We exported the website domains of the Charity Navigator non-profits into an Excel spreadsheet using WebHarvy, a data scraping tool.
  2. We uploaded the excel spreadsheet domains to Hunter, a tool that scrapes Google for email addresses associated with domains.

Voila! Hunter found over 5,000 emails!

Even better, 1,000 of the emails included the first and last name of the non-profit employees.


Our Tech Stack

For Scraping Website URL's to Excel

For Scraping Website URL's to Excel

For Scraping Emails from Websites

For Scraping Emails from Websites

For Sending Personalized Emails

For Sending Personalized Emails


Creating An Email Invitation

Our email invitations had to immediately grab the non-profit employees' attention, since they likely had never heard of the CaringCrowd platform:

  • We personalized the subject line with the name of the employee (if available).
  • We included the name of the recipient's non-profit in the email body, adding another personal touch.
  • We kept the emails short, since the average time people keep an email open is around 11 seconds; many people exit out of an email much sooner.
  • We included our phone number and made it clear we would be happy to answer any questions.
  • We scheduled a follow-up email 5 days after the original email.

The Results

The results of our event marketing campaign were overwhelmingly positive.

Within 8 days of our first email invitations going out, we had 100 RSVP's.

By the day of the event we had gotten over 180 RSVP's.

Over 65 employees from major New York City non-profits attended the event.

Because of Clickboost's work, CaringCrowd was able to present its crowdfunding platform in to a room full of enthusiastic non-profit decision makers!