Helping a World Class Orchestra Reach a Wider Audience

In collaboration with Momentum Communications Group, ClickBoost helped launch Philharmonia Orchestra of New York's groundbreaking concert series Symphonic Storyboards.

Above: 360° clip we filmed and edited (click here to see the clip on your phone. YouTube app required).

In November 2016 Momentum Communications Group asked ClickBoost to help craft a marketing strategy to sell tickets to Philharmonia Orchestra of New York's Symphonic Storyboards, a two-night concert series.

The series was scheduled for late March at Jazz at Lincoln Center, situated inside Columbus Circle's iconic Time Warner Center. While we didn't sell the concerts out, we came close. Here's how we did it:

We Built an Engaging Website, Fully Integrated with Google Analytics

Our first assignment was to build Symphonic Storyboards' website. We used the Beaver Builder Wordpress theme to build a site that was simple, informative and engaging, which you can see here.

To optimize the website's layout and our overall marketing strategy we installed Google Analytics. In addition we installed custom code to track anytime a site visitor clicked one of the "Buy Tickets" buttons.

The website generated over 8,000 unique visitors in a two and half month period. The average visit duration was an impressive 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Equally impressive was the fact that nearly 2,500 visitors clicked one of the "Buy Tickets" buttons, an indicator of the site's effectiveness.

We Launched an Email Newsletter with Over 5,000 Subscribers

Studies have shown that email marketing has the highest return on investment of any online channel. It was a priority for Philharmonia Orchestra of New York.

Without a significant email list or web traffic, we had to partner with brands willing to give us exposure to their newsletter subscribers. We accomplished this by organizing a sweepstakes we knew their audiences would be interested in, centered around concert tickets, a hotel stay, dinner, breakfast and local transportation.

We kept costs to nearly $0 by getting The Conrad Hotel to donate a room and breakfast and Gabriel's Restaurant to donate a dinner for two. We signed up Brooklyn Based (over 80k email subscribers) and IfOnly (over 400k email subscribers) to help sign-up their subscribers. At the end of the sweepstakes we netted over 5,000 new subscribers, many from the New York City Metropolitan area. These subscribers were one of our best sources of ticket sales.

We Used Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Reach Our Intended Audience

Because the website was new and we had less than three months to sell tickets, paying for traffic was a requirement. We decided to put a considerable amount of advertising budget towards pay-per-click ads on Google Adwords and Facebook.

Facebook Ads

We ran a variety of Facebook Ad campaigns, including Event Ads, Coupon Ads and Traffic Ads. We tested different graphics, videos, links and copy maximize the click-through-rate and minimize the cost-per-click. We also targeted a range of demographics. These Facebook Ads were extremely successful, generating more ticket sales than nearly every other channel we used.

Google Adwords

We used Google Adwords to advertise to New Yorkers searching for terms like "Lincoln Center", "New York Philharmonic" and "New York City Classical Music Concert". These ads converted very well compared to our other advertising channels.