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Clickboost offers restaurants, eateries, meal kit companies and food-centered brands a suite of digital marketing services

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• "Hands and Pans" Recipe Videos
• Web Series
• Social Media Videos
• Social Media Marketing
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• PR/Influencer Marketing
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• Email Marketing
• Still Photography
• Written Content


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Episodic Web Series


Our production team will develop a documentary-style web series tailored to your brand's strengths, in the style of Netflix's "Chef's Table."

We will film management, kitchen staff, employees and customers at your office/restaurant and off-site locations, giving viewers an intimate and dramatic "peek behind the curtain."

Recipe Videos


Producers and a food stylist from ABC's The Chew, Buzzfeed's Tasty videos, Eater and Thrillist will spend two full days prepping and filming viral-style recipe videos for your brand.

Our production team uses state of the art camera equipment and lighting. We also source the food and props, scout locations and craft a shot list. 

Promotional Video

Show off your brand with a cinematic-quality promo that can sit on your website, social channels and/or on TV.

Our producers will work with your team to craft a one to two minute clip reflecting your brand's backstory and unique value proposition. We will spend two full days scouting locations, prepping sets and filming.

Digital Marketing, PR, Web Design & More

Clickboost can take care of your marketing needs. We specialize in building audiences through social media, email, pay-per-click ads, PR, influencer marketing, web design, written content, inbound & outbound sales, photography and graphic design. See all our services.